My solar parallel pigtail.


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Sep 19, 2018
League City, Texas USA.
I know my setup is different because I'm in a pop-up Van not a pop-up trailer but the basics are there I have dual 300 W portable solar panels that each use SAE connectors which will only handle a total of 30 amps each but a standard as a pigtail will handle imax of 40 amps Which is fine if my panels produce 18 V all the time but if the voltage goes down to 12 at 600 W I'm in trouble with 10 gauge wire so what I did I fabbed Up a pigtail of 2SAE inputs and 1 Anderson 50 empty connector which will give me the head Room I need just barely I can come out of The Other side with 8 gauge which is more than Enough and I've at a Anderson connector pass that should be arriving literally any minute now Amazon is late... I have friends that will berate me for crimping the connector and a considered flooded sodder but with the vibration this thing goes under I wasn't sure I trusted a brittle solder joint.

If it was suggested I changed the connector type at the solar panels themselves however I do intend on using the solar panels individually with SAE connectors for another application so that really wasn't a good option. The big thing I had to pay attention to was the polarity coming out of the Panels and through to the controller and to be honest with you if you look I have to switch my cables around because I got the polarity through the Anderson connector backwards oops. Italy fixed before I put it to use