Need a good repair shop.


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Aug 14, 2019
I am looking for recommendations for a good repair shop in the Toledo Ohio, to the Elkhart IN circle, for several repairs and adjustments on my 1998 Jayco Eagle 12 UDST. It had new canvas put on before we bought it. Now only after a handful of trips we are having some issues with this new top.

1. To my knowledge the tension cord on the top is the correct length. And I have never gone beyond a soft “twang” when raising the top. But if I slightly lower it. There’s too much slack in the windows. Now, the rubber J-track moldings on all 4 corners and both sides of the door are torn. The installers put a flat head screw directly on the rubber part and not into any ridged canvas. So that is that’s #1

It was my mistake to let the seller put on new canvas before we bought it. All I know is it was a “small Shop”.
The door fit well, and functioned well with the old canvas. With the new canvas, The door frame is no longer square. When you open the door the side posts will move outward like the canvas is pulling it sideways and when you close the door you have to tap the frame inward each time. It just doesn’t fit anymore. So that needs fixed, adjusted, whatever.

If anyone knows a shop with a good reputation to fix these things please let me know. Price, doesn’t really matter.

Thanks everyone!
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