Nespresso in a pop up?

Vinicius Kernick

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May 4, 2021
Hi everyone! we just bought a Rockwood Freedom 1640ltd and we are excited to have a new PUP. We camped for 2 years using an old Palomino yearling which was great, but figure it was time to upgrade our unit.

Anyway, the reason for my questions is to check if anyone had used a Nespresso in the PUP and which one you would use.

We saw a few but wanted to be sure to get a small one.

The idea is to have it reduce routine for our morning coffee.

Thanks a lot


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Jan 1, 2022
Chico, CA
I have used one in an air b&b and it made good coffee, Do you plan on only camping with electrical hookups? If so then they will do the job. I have found that pour over coffee works best for me.

Vinicius Kernick

New Member
May 4, 2021

Yes, most of our camping is with electrical hookup.
We have a Nespresso home and we enjoy it. We had always been a “pour coffee” people but recently enjoyed the change. I guess in this case is more about the simplicity.


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I bought a Keurig mini when I go camping and have hookups. Not sure if Nespresso has a "mini" version you can buy. I'm able to keep my coffee maker in the bench seat when in travel as it doesn't fit in the cabinet. Now when off grid I have used pour overs or something called My Jo coffee maker.