New England Repair shops

Bob Hennessy

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Feb 12, 2021

I have a 2013 Somerset E2 that is experiencing some electrical issues (essentially internal lights, fan, etc. work on Shore Power but not 12V) that I would like to have addressed by a professional. Are there any repair shops that in New England that folks would recommend for work on popups? Western Massachusetts would be best but I am happy to travel.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or recommendations!


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Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
Have you checked your battery and its connections? If they're working on AC and not DC, sounds like the battery.

Is the heater working on DC and can you get the fridge to work on DC ?

Bob Hennessy

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Feb 12, 2021
I did replace the battery (and the under galley kill switch) to no avail. The fridge works on AC but not DC. I should note two other things: (1) the electric lift does work off DC power and (2) the battery does not seem to be charging when connected to Shore Power or the tow vehicle. Wondering if there is an issue with the power converter preventing the switch to DC? I could be totally wrong though.


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May 29, 2016
Mt. Wachusett area, MA
Camping World in W. Hatfield?
TwoFeathers Restoration south of Greenfield is more of a design and build enterprise than a 'correction' shop.
Just north of Greenfield is New England Camper Repair. I'd call first as the last Facebook update was in 2021.


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Nov 26, 2013
is there a fuse near the battery? - I had a rockwood popup that had a 30 amp fuse on one of the wires near the battery. I had similar issues, battery would not charge when plugged into Shore Power or from the tow vehicle and as we always camp w/ Shore Power we did not notice the 12 volt stuff not working but had issues with the 3 way fridge when towing.... Well, the fuse holder looked bad and once we replaced that fuse holder - that corrected the issue.