New Gasket is On! Do i need to secure the two ends together ?


May 17, 2022
So excited that our roof is replaced and the new gasket is on. We got the two ends pretty perfectly lined up but didn’t know if there’s a trick to kind of sealing them together. here’s a pic of what it looks like now… tips? thanks community !


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Jul 19, 2007
Do you have a piece you trimmed off left over?
-If so cut a piece off of it at least an inch long to make a splice.
-One of the side pieces would work best.
-once cut to length, cut it to the width of the inside of the seal.
- goop one end with some RTV (silicone) and stick into one end of the seal.
-goop other end of the splice and stick in the other end of seal.
-after about 8-12 hours seal the split between the two seal ends with the same RTV..
-as soon as the RTV is dry to the touch, lower the roof and latch it down.

This is how cut to fit aircraft door seals are installed incase you are wondering.