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May 1, 2022
Mesa, AZ
Hello everyone very excited to embark upon this new journey. First time PuP owner and have many future adventures I'm looking forward to go on with my family.
I purchased a 2007 Fleetwood Scorpion S1 from Las Vegas and had my 1st towing experience ever towing it 400 miles home at night.. It tows quite well albeit very high tongue weight (1100ish lbs) without toys on the deck to counterbalance.
It came with a add a room 8x8 screened in area to add to the usable space but after trying for an hour I gave up trying to put it up... So far I have replaced the tires with some goodyear endurance on both sides, sanded the splinter deck and put a couple coats of stain on it, put some bleach water through the fresh water holding tank, and put a battery tender on the dual 5 year old lead acid batteries. I also created a bed extension with half inch plywood, 1x2s, and some memory foam that brought the 48 x77 bed out to 75x77 which will make it much nicer when I don't have to climb over my wife at night when nature calls..
I am eager to learn about pop-ups and curious if anyone has any tips for a new guy perhaps things that you didn't bring on your trip or silly mistakes that you made being a new person that you wish someone had told you. I have already learned quite a bit from this website and look forward to increase my knowledge and perhaps one day help someone else out.


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Jan 2, 2022
Central Texas
Welcome from Central Texas. As a new owner of a Pup, do not worry to much about mistakes. We have been camping for 45 years, and once in a while there is a " well that did not turn out like I envisioned in my mind's eye". Start with the basics, mind your weight on the axles, and hitch. Good jack, basic tool kit, small spare parts assortment, ie: fuses, 12 volt electrical connectors, a little wire, water hose gaskets, worm gear clamps. The list goes on. Mainly, have fun, do not get excited when a problem arises, and they will. Enjoy the camp every time, relax, shake off the crazy of the world we are forced to adult in everyday. Love your Family, eat good food, allow yourself to do absolutely nothing once in a while. We will be here to answer any questions, give our two cents, steer you in the right direction, revel in your successes, and counsel you in difficult times. Enjoy the camp. See you down the trail.


Jun 6, 2020
Welcome fellow Mesa member. That's a cool looking pop-up. I'm curious what the tongue weight will be when you throw your gear and toys in the back.

As far as tips go: That cassette toilet will fill up faster than you think. So if you're boondocking, the boys do their easy business outside. And be conservative with the "flushes". You can always add more water in the cassette, not so easy taking it out.