NTU 2005 Rockwood/Forest River Rhino HW258-bought it this weekend!

Team cmk

Jul 8, 2012
I'm with you on that Rambo91145 -
Crack open a beverage and sit in my new pup
I did that too and even took a couple of naps in my new to me pup this summer. You have to sit back and admire all of the hard work you just did and think about all of the possibilities.


Sep 23, 2012
That's what I keep thinking about... So many things I want to do but need to make time to enjoy it too!! It's not just about the journey but also the destination!

Cole Vosburg

New Member
Jul 3, 2018
My friend just got the same pup and we can’t figure out the sewer/grey water? The connection is a lot smaller than your normal sewer hoses and is right by the door? Any help would be greatly appreciated.