OK SO... Tow Vehicle power hookup

Mitch Guthrie

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Sep 6, 2022
2002 Jayco Qwest 8U

Recently purchased.
Trailer has a 7 pin connection. No Battery.
Tow vehicle is a 19 F -150 STX with Tow package and both 7 and 4 pin connection.
Used 7 pin to tow home. SOOOO many pop ups on the dash about trailer connection, lamps and brakes.
Brakes are disconnected and break away is shot.
Yeah, so I have some work to do.
Had to replace tail lights first off. Hooked new up similar to old. Wrong. Reverse wires on brake and signal.

Since I have LOT"S of electrical to "update", new 7 pin and a battery and whatever else I find.
Would it be OK to also install a 4 pin connection?

I may rent this out on occasion and the one reason I bought this pop up is the weight, empty.
It can be towed by anything bigger than some subaru's.
I know i can purchase a 7 to 4 pin adapter. But, how many times will I have to replace it.
So, I'm thinking........ Just eliminate the need for that 7 to 4. Have it there.
Wont charge the battery. Unless I reconfigure electrical.
Have the ability to charge battery only if you run lights.

Will have to cover the unused connector.

Am I over thinking this ?
Am I going too far on this idea ?

Input please

Take care yall...


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Mar 28, 2021
Niagara Region, ON
Check your State/Provincial laws, majority of them all have the same law, that if a trailer has brakes, they must be functional.

Also, as you are planning to rent it out, consider that lots of smaller vehicles will need brakes to tow that size trailer. I'd tow it with my wife's Mazda 5, but only if it had brakes.

If I were you and planning to rent it out I would convert it to hydraulic surge brakes so the brakes would work with any tow vehicle. Then you could wire it with a flat-4. There is a reason why Uhaul does it this way.