Oregon Inlet


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Mar 25, 2018
South Carolina
Three night Memorial Day weekend at Oregon Inlet. Not very crowded at all as only existing reservations could camp.
Very close to the beach.
Something for everyone tent only sites, RV/tent dry sites, and sites with water and electric.
Flush toilets and showers.
Clean wide beach.
Lots of dunes to go hiking in and sledding on (for the kids).
Small cactus with huge thorns. While walking with open toe shoes through the dunes I got two huge thorns in my big toe. Next day hiked with tennis shoes and had one come through the bottom of my shoe and just stuck my foot. Recommend boots for hiking!
Small solar water heater that frequently is out of warm water.
Paved parking pads rather short.
Absolutely no shade.
Seriously this place is the windiest place I've ever camped.
Beach access road next to campground with inconsiderate people blaring their loud exhaust and crazy fast traffic up and down the road in front of the GC.
No kidding park ranger and a camper that has been camp host said e-z ups, clamshells, awnings, and tents are frequently destroyed. We had EZ-up and awning with screen room setup. EZ-up staked at the legs and with guylines. Awning/screen room staked as normal. Had a couple stake get worked loose.

Plan to camp there again, but think I'll get one of the no hookup RV sites on the beach side of B loop farther from the road and beach access noise.
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Aug 23, 2018
Wilmington, NC
I can believe the E-Z ups getting destroyed. Went to the beach here in Wilmington with out of town brother in law who had brought his brand new Academy brand e-z up. It didn't last the day. Our shelter which is a canopy/kite thing from Otentik hasn't had an issue in 3 years here. That is not to say there aren't a lot of e-z ups on the beach here, but the winds can be wicked, I'm sure even more so on the outer banks.