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Outside Camp Kitchen


Jun 21, 2020
Those solid-walled, self-contained, externally carried camp kitchens are pretty cool - minimal setup and space friendly. For years we've happily used a $100 Camp Chef table for our outside cooking needs, but we carry ours in the back of the truck under cover. It does fold up small and still carries a stove and everything we need to cook our meals, but I don't think you'd want to permanently carry it on the outside of your van.


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Nov 21, 2015
Fort Worth, TX
mines modular, for weight factor, but fully loaded.
3 drawer sterlite stocked w kitchen tools.
scaffold step & campchef stove.

then dog broke stove - she knocked it over while i was cooking. loved the top burners, excellent flame, oven gave me fits lighting & cooking.

so now im back to the old green Coleman liquid gas stove & folding oven box.
just snagged an iron board that i may use for cook surface, & it folds flatter than the scaffold thing.

single girls budget:
scaffold $35
wood for shelf- free
campchef stove $275* bday gift.

aluminum side tables $25 @
(add $12-20 to each for 2023 prices)
complete set of vintage 1940-1950s Revere ware copper bottom pans, at thrift store, full set $35.

green coleman stove to replace the one of my childhood- facebook $30. i cleaned it up, fresh paint, new gasket and leather.
my girl scout camp 1971 coleman folding oven. i recently replaced thermometer on door, after i painted it.
i cook goood camping!

716F8385-FF3E-4DA2-8ED4-FBEA072A6199.jpeg 73CCBA58-6B48-4163-A9CC-F0F2560E1167.jpeg
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Dec 26, 2009
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@katscamper - I have to admit that I prefer our white gas Coleman stoves to the propane ones I've seen in use. We have a single burner LP Coleman, but I'm still learning how to adjust that. The flame is pretty darn invisible most of the time, which makes it more challenging.
I have the Coleman oven, but haven't used it in a long time. I bought a Thermoworks Dot thermometer, I have two probes for it, one for in the food, the other to clip to the rack, because the thermometer in the door seemed so much off from how it was actually baking, and a small pizza stone to help level out the temp. Then we stopped doing the group trips when I was really using the oven.
I do like using my Omnia and Wonder top of stove ovens to bake though, I'm using them at home too for some things. Keeps me in practice for camping trips and is handy because one of our two ovens is (still) broken.
I keep thinking I'll use the Coleman oven, but it doesn't happen, one thing handy about the Omnia and Wonder ovens is that they are the baking pan, although I do have disposable liners I could use. (I didn't like the silicone liners for the Omnia, don't like how silicone bakes, so I gave both the standard and muffin silicone liners away.)


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Aug 31, 2016
North Carolina
Chuck boxes and the like have always seemed cool to me, but in reality, we realized they are bulky, heavy, and not a flexible in use.
Since we have had cargo space you probably don't have with the van, we stuck with what might be termed a modular system...
+1 for modular system :)

I built a chuck box, and tried to use materials to keep it as light as possible. But after loading in cooking gear and other cooking material, it was still heavy and difficult to move around and set up.

Containers, coolers and camp table(s) is the way to go!

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