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Mar 16, 2017
I am finally ready to conquer a few things that the wife has wanted to do to the pup since we bought it. Paint the cabinets and peel and stick laminate the floor. I am trying to figure out the paint first. Have a few questions.

1) What kind of prep needs to be done to the cabinet/doors? Any treatment with a stripper to ensure the new paint adheres? I've only ever painted walls and virgin wood on furniture I've built. Not sure if I need to do anything extra to the paneling of the cabinets.

2) What kind of paint? Ive seen stuff online that swears by latex, some say oil only.

3) Is there a special type of paint I should use on counter tops if i choose to do them too?

4) Any other tips, tricks, or info I should know?

As always, thanks in advance.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
make sure the doors are clean and especially no grease. Rough up lightly with sandpaper first. We used latex on our paneling, (it might take 2 coats) I am unsure about the counter top if it is Formica paint might not stick or might peel due to water, dampness etc. You can cover with new Formica, ten rough up old with sandpaper and apply the glue follow the directions on the glue label
Feb 4, 2018
We are remodeling our Pop up we just bought. We just got done redoing our cabinets. Wife primed the cabinets and rolled the cabinet boxes with an oil based paint. We tried rolling the doors but didn't like the look so we just spray painted them with semi gloss. They turned out fantastic. We couldn't find the right size cabinet handles, (they are not standard) off by a CH so the wife spay painted those too. Used a silver spray paint.

The only thing is to be careful with the laminate covering on the doors (if yours are covered with it). They tend to be brittle around the edges. Its cheaply made and the paper can chip off.


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May 29, 2013
You're going to want something washable. Tight spaces make lots of scuffs. Paint with something that has a good sheen. I have to say ACOE Hardware has incredible paint. We painted our whole pop up and the nice thing is that when we get home a quick wipe up and everything looks nice again.

Ronal Owens

Jun 27, 2021
I used Nuvo cabinet paint coconut espresso. Very happy with the paint color, it took 4 coats of paint, but it looks like real wood. It also looks great. This is a good paint and this is not my first time painting cabinets.

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