Paris Landing State Park


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Jul 9, 2018
Paris Landing is on Kentucky Lake just outside the Land Between the Lakes area.
The campground is on the small side with about 40 water and electric sites and a few small cabins at what would be a site and in another area about 15 primitive sites.
We were on site 40 which was very short and not at all level. Our Andersen leveler barely moved the spot on the level. The door side was way high and we could have used another step to get in the door. We parked the suv sideways on the grass and hoped no one hit it.
The water spigots were not at each site but in between two sites with access for both. Fortunately I had read about this and put another hose in which we did need. Electricity was at our spot like usual.
Our site was very shaded as were most yet there were not trees between the sites. I was sitting inside at our table and the neighbor waved as they drove by.
I was excited to see two other popups in our small loop and one on the other loop.
The bath house situation was weird. There were three main loops for camping and the two bathhouses were about 200 feet apart in one of the loops. When i walked down a side road, one was at the end of it. To the left there was a dumpster, one campsite, and the other bathhouse. One loop had none and the primitive sites had to come over to one of them. We always used the one further in thinking most people would stop at the first one. It was always clean. The shower area did not have the bench away from the water that we are used to but otherwise it was totally adequate. We shower late at night and never saw another person in there.
The "beach" was across the highway with ample parking and many picnic areas with grills. It was not what I would call a beach. It was all grass and there were a few sets of concrete stairs into the water. There was a huge roped off area and it was clean enough. There was a pool but all TN state park pools are closed this year because of covid.
In front of the park was a small area of owls in cages that was fun to watch for a few minutes. There is a golf course which we did not use.
They had a schedule of ranger activities but nothing was scheduled the Saturday we were there because it was a statewide volunteer to clean the parks day. It rained a lot and I think it was cancelled. They usually have hikes and kayak trips among other ranger led events.
A Civil War Battlefield called Fort Donelson is about 15 minutes away. We didn't go because we weren't sure what all was open with the covid. There wasn't a lot else around, but husband had poison ivy and we did find a Dollar General a few minutes away.
I enjoyed our time there, but we are going back to the area and staying at a ACOE campground. We like waterfront sites and they are hard to find in TN state parks.
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