Patricia Lake Campground

Andy G.

Sep 2, 2017
We're currently staying at Patricia Lake campground near Minocqua in Wisconsin's Northwoods. VERY QUIET and beautiful private campground, with about 2/3 seasonal and 1/3 daily sites. Mostly an older clientele. Very clean, and staff and seasonal campers seem friendly. Bathrooms have pay showers, which I've never encountered in 45 years of camping. Adjacent to small lake (no motors), perfect for kayaking, swimming and fishing. They even have a dog beach! Plenty to do in nearby Minocqua, but except for some swings, the campground itself has nothing much for the kids. Beware that they have an "absolutely no refund" policy. They will give you credit for other nights, but no money back. With this said, I'd definitely stay here again.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Sounds like a nice CG. I have heard of pay showers but have never ran into one and hopefully I won't either, I feel the showers should go with the price of the campsite (my opinion) The absolutely no refund part would make me think about this CG, usually you leave because of a natural problem such as weather and the camper should be refunded if beyond their control.