PD4135 Converter- Do I need a battery?


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May 15, 2022
Green Bay, WI
I’m installing a new pd4135 converter in my Laredo. Hadn’t thought of this until now but do I need to install a battery? This camper has never had one and I don’t see the need to otherwise add one.

Will it hurt the converter to just wire nut the battery wire? Thank you.


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You don't need a battery if you never camp off-grid and don't have electric brakes.

Around here, being tied to Shore Power would mean either planning all my camp outings 6+ months in advance (at least if I want to camp on a weekend) or being tied to more expensive, "parking-lot" style campgrounds where you have giant 5th wheels 10' on either side of you. I take Shore Power when I can get it but I'm happy not to require it.

If you ever want to camp in a national park, many don't have power either. We went 7 nights with just battery and solar at Yellowstone, and that was using quite a bit of DC power.