Please help me fix my winch!


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Sep 14, 2023
Hi! I bought a 2006 Jayco Jay Series from a friend a few months ago. I have only used it once. I am getting ready to use it tomorrow but I believe it was over cranked when we put it down last time, and the cable has hopped off the winch (I hope I am using correct terms).

I managed to crawl in and find the mechanism but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to set the cable back where it belongs. I have destroyed my fingers.

Any insight would be SO appreciated!

Thanks in advance !


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Aug 15, 2021
Casper, Wyoming
Looks to me that the cable is on the wrong side of the spool gear. I would pull the cable and put it on the spool and run the loose end through the same hole it's through now. I would make sure there is a mechanical bolt or piece of hardware that prevents the cable from pulling back through the hole. Have a friend turn the crank while you watch the spool rotate, then you will see how to run the steel cable. Wear gloves when servicing bare metal like this.

Edit: Looking at it closer, it looks like there is a short bolt on the side of the spool. I would expect that a locking nut may have come loose that secures the cable to the side of the spool. The nut would tighten the cable against the side of the spool and keep the bolt from releasing the cable. The bolt would have a hole that the cable would pass through and the nut would clinch the cable and keep it secured.

That's the best 2 cent advice I can give. Good luck
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Jun 14, 2014
Support your roof cranked down some so you have some slack and route the cable correctly on the winch. If you have to remove it and reattach it to the winch do so.

In the future, when you crank down, after you are latched, crank back up two or three clicks. You always want slight tension on the cable so it can't jump off the winch.