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Welcome to or PUP for short. Before you post your introduction to the membership, please make sure your Forum Profile is complete (Edit Forum Profile).

Location Information:
Unlike other forums, posting your general location is very important. When others view your posts, they can then see your Country & State/Province/Territory flags and this helps members to reply to your questions with pertinent information. It also helps to bring our virtual-global community closer together as we hold numerous camping rallies every year all over the world and your location information helps us plan those rallies.

Tow Vehicle & Camper Information:
Including your Tow Vehicle & Camper Information within a question will facilitate matters when other members are trying to help you solve a problem. If you post "I'm having problems with the lift system of my camper", members can see the Make/Model/Year of your camper and post an appropriate response.

Your First Post:
Your first post should be a short introduction so other members can welcome you to the group. Just tell everyone a little about yourself, your camping experience, your camper or if you are still searching for one. It is not advisable to include any questions in this first post. You can post your questions under the appropriate forum boards after posting your introduction.


Life Can Be So Much Easier If We Just Stop And Read The Instructions!​

What Next:
Jump right in and join the discussions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It may have been asked before but your post may bring new insight to an old question. If you've already looked around PUP then you know that there is a forum board to cover just about every aspect of camping. You may be spending a lot of time on the site so say goodbye to your loved one while you can because they may not see much you for the next few weeks.

May your experiences here on PUP be a pleasant one and above all, have fun.

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