POOP IN THE PUP! (A Truly Crappy Thread)

Do you poop in the pup?

  • Absolutlely! That is why I have it!

    Votes: 33 26.0%
  • Sometimes. Only in an emergency.

    Votes: 43 33.9%
  • No. Never.

    Votes: 48 37.8%
  • What a terrible question.

    Votes: 3 2.4%

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May 19, 2022
My wife and daughter at home like using similar wickless candles, but with cats in the house, I fear that one day I will come home to one of the candles tipped over and/or a waxy cat
There was a video I seen comewhere online where a bushy cat was harassing the dog and set its tail on fire… that would be my luck with cats lol

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
Nice to see this old thread is still making the rounds![8D] 💩

While we never used the portable Thetford for #2 when we had the pup, I am here to report that there are no limits like that while using the thunder box in the new TT. I am pretty sure that the DW is much more happy about that than I am for several reasons.

First, she doesn't have to empty the waste tanks. Second, she also seems to be happy to be avoiding the "multiple women in the restroom" scenario and is happy to have her "alone time" away from the public restrooms.

I have come to the conclusion that she is convinced that if a woman makes any "trumpeting noises" while doing her business in a bathroom stall next to another woman, it is considered a crime against humanity and the punishment is public humiliation until the day you die. I have also concluded that the same "noise laws" don't apply when I am in the TT and she is using the percaline throne.

But I digress.

The main reason that the TT has different rules than the pup is that it that emptying the black tanks on the TT is a lot different than emptying the pup's portable. Most important than all of the reasons is that emptying TT black tanks isn't as "up close and personal" as with the portable. You can stand far away from the business end of the stinky slinky (sewer hose) on a TT, but there is always that "splash factor" with the portables no matter how far away you try to hold it.

However, as easy as it is to dump the black tank on a TT, I still have not found my comfort level while using the clear elbow on the end of the stinky slinky that allows you to see EVERYTHING that is coming out of the black tank. [:(O]
Emptying a black tank is pretty personal. For the person emptying it.


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Aug 14, 2021
Northern VA
I know this thread is old, but rather than starting a new one, Im giving this an add on. Years back I had bought an hassock portable toilet, but it was massive in size. Nowadays, especially with COVID I use use a luggable loo lid on a 5 gallon bucket. Its a much taller height than the hassock, and it is easier to carry. I carry either gelling kitty litter, shredded paper, or wood shavings, and I just replace the bag daily. bag is waste container sized bags, and fits perfectly. The only bad part is if there is a lot of liquid, it wont be absorbed. I just double bag it and toss it away.
Anyone else have any better options? I like the folding one for space, but given that it is plastic bags after all, I enjoy the added security of a bucket.

Your setup reminds me of what we used to call "the groover."

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
Tha's what I've heard of the toilet called for rafters. it will be interesting to hear what they use these days, since my husband is going on a week-long raft trip through Grand Canyon next month.
All I can say is urine gel from Amazon. It works for poop too. A small sprinkle sucks up any residual moisture, in case your poop looks more like refried beans and chili than a Tootsie roll.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
All I can say is urine gel from Amazon. It works for poop too. A small sprinkle sucks up any residual moisture, in case your poop looks more like refried beans and chili than a Tootsie roll.
We have long used the Cleanwaste products, since we used a folding toilet in our popups. We still carry the bags, along with a small jar of extra gel in the TT. I started carrying the jar of gel when, the first year we had the folding toilet, bags of any brand were difficut o find, when I was on a 3 week trip. We've used the bags when we took the TT out while winterized, and (once) when I miscalculated black tank capacity. We also carry the bags to take hiking and backpacking, because some places we go require human waste to be carried out.
May 5, 2022
The pup is nothing more than a place to sleep. Stay out of it untill bedtime. Absolutly everything is done outside. If weather is bad we popping down and rolling out.