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Dec 22, 2002
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You may have seen posts about the PopUp Gizmos and wondered what they are exactly and what are the benefits.

The PopUp Gizmos (PUGS) is a multi-layered polyethylene cover for the tops of a camper’s bunkends. The main purpose of the PUGS is to reflect the radiant heat of the Sun, which keeps the temperature in the camper much lower. Anyone who has ever camped in an open field in the Summer can attest to just how hot it can get inside a camper. A set of PUGS can really help cut back on that heat. Even if the camper has A/C, a PUGS can help keep the A/C from running continuously. An additional benefit is that the PUGS will protect the vinyl and canvas tops from the UVs, rain, leaves, and bird droppings, keeping it looking like new longer. And the same PUGS will help to keep the camper warm in the Winter.

There are three styles of PUGS to choose from. The Standard, the Original High Wind, and the New Super High Wind. I have the Super High Wind PUGS and these are well worth the price difference. Easy to attach as the roof is being raised, the Super High Wind PUGS has five bungee cords on either side. These can be clipped to the exciting bungee under the bunkend or passed underneath to clip to each other. This secures the PUGS tightly to the bunkend as the bungees pass through ribs on the PUGS, holding it down on the top and eliminate ballooning. Take-down is just as easy and if needed, PUGS are washable. PUGS folds up flat, no bigger than a folded twin size bed sheet for easy storage.

One option that should also consider is to use Velcro to attach the PUGS to the inside of the roof. It makes setup even easer. With the Velcro option, just raise the roof about six inches, attach the PUGS and continue to raise the roof. The PUGS will hang down from the roof just like an awning. Now, when the buckends are pulled out, the PUGS will lie down on top of the bunkends. Once the shepperd's poles are installed, the PUGS can be secured to the bunkend. The Velcro option is extra for each PUGS.

There are only a few things that I feel I can’t do without while camping. PopUp Gizmos is one of them.


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May 29, 2009
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High wind PUGS- worth every penny you spend. Keeps the heat out in the summer, and, interestingly enough, keeps the pup warmer in the fall and winter. Use these with reflectix and your pup is both cooler and warmer. Also, check out the cooler covers, same material, just benefiting your coolers. I highly recommend them.


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Feb 22, 2009
Bob stands behind his product and takes care of his customers.
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thanks Bob


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Jul 18, 2010
That was great info! I never even thought about how cooling down the inside would make camping more enjoyable.

[SUN] I really thank God for finding this forum.So much much info on and helpful people on to help us all enjoy the Great Outdoors [SUN]


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May 3, 2009
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I ordered my Super High Wind set yesterday. I had some questions so, before placing my order I e-mailed them to Bob, knowing he was closed for the week. I wasn't expecting a reply until he reopened on Aug 9. I received 2 replies from Bob and had all my questions answered, and immediately placed my order, plus also received a thank you note for my order. The guy's supposed to be on vacation and he's dealing with customers. It looks to me that he's all that everybody says he is. I'm glad to be doing business with him and excited about getting my Gizmos.


Our first tent trailer!
May 3, 2009
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As mentioned above I ordered my SHW gizmos late the afternoon of 7-30-10. Bob was to be closed for this week but I was supprised and pleased to receive my order this morning (8-4-10). I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but the quality and workmanship look outstanding. Bob and his crew are incredible.


Feb 23, 2008
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I bought a set of "windproof"for my hybrid, and after a year, I finally figured out how to use them. (I am a male, so I don't ask questions). They definately make a huge difference with deflecting the suns heat.
In my PUP the tents got very hot to the touch, in my hybrid with the PUGS the canvas was mildly warm. I know my A/C appreciated this. In the winter my canvas doesn't seem to sweat as much with the PUGS as with out them. Without them it is like a rain forest in the bed by morning.


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Aug 23, 2009
Ok for those that have PUGS do they do anything about condensation? While camping this past week in 90 degree temps
during the day and torrential rain at night we had difficulty keeping the condensation down in the pup. There were 5 of us (DW,DD1,DS2,DD2,and me) and the first night (without rain) even with the bunkends open 3/4 we still had a rainstorm inside.We use a circulating fan (ceiling mounted) so I was certain we wouldn't have the rainforest in the PUP but alas I was wrong (2nd time since Y2K...at least that I will admit to [:D] ) IF they help with condensation the order will be placed ASAP


Jul 23, 2008

Not too common to have condensation during the summer unless the nights are cool enough to reach the dew point. I'll assume it was very humid outside.
That along with the combination of 5 people was probably the cause.

Condensation more typically forms inside when outside temps are lower than inside temps. This is where using a radiant barrier is beneficial. By reducing heat loss
out the top of the bunkend canvas and also helping to keep the top bunk canvas temperature above the dew point, a radiant barrier can greatly reduce, even eliminate
condensation from forming inside. But keep in mind that other factors can contribute to the problem.

Since you covered two of the key steps in controlling inside condensation (windows open and a circulation fan), adding a radiant barrier to the mix should solve the problem.

Hope this helps.


Bob Pitney


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Aug 8, 2010
I ordered my Super High Wind gizmos before I even picked up my new Popup at the dealership after reading about the benefits of this product. What a great investment as they keep the outside bunk canvas super clean and really do add to the comfort inside as it stays cooler and comfy. Would never camp without them and each time I'm out- people stop by with questions or glowing comments about their own set. Customer service is the best! I chose to add the velcro to the gizmos and got some hook velcro to attach to the inside of the lid which makes putting them on at setup a breeze although they are really are simple either way. LOVE THEM!!!


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Apr 17, 2005
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Add me to the very satisfied customer list. We bought a pair of the super high wind the year they came out (so I guess it paid to procrastinate [;)]).

We had Bob put the velcro along the edge so it is super easy to attach the end before raising the camper. It's a great product.


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Aug 30, 2006
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Very satisfied customer here, w/ original high-wind PUGS. They have seen a good bit of use, and alas, are starting to de-laminate. I believe the cause of the de-lamination is two-fold.
One, they survived too many high-wind situations, unattended, when they came loose and were whipped around. I need to do a better job of securing them.
Two, keeping them stored, folded, and compressed, creates a weakness along the inevitable creases that develops.

That said, with my next set (which I may get for Christmas, if I'm good enough!), I will explore storing them differently. I'm not sure what or how, but I'll try something different.

PUGS: what a great invention! Thanks, Bob!


Jul 23, 2008
Hi Pianewman,

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Jul 31, 2004
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Everyone who has responded to this thread seems to be more inclined to use PUGS's to keep their camper cooler in the summer. We seem to be the opposite, regardless of season, and are more concerned with keeping heat in. What's been everyone's experience with using PUGS's for heat retention? Does condensation on the inside of the canvas become MORE of an issue when PUGS's are used in conjunction with heating?

I'm thinking I may ask for a set for Christmas. That's why I ask.


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Jul 12, 2006
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We use ours all year. Definitely in the winter in conjunction with Reflectix in windows for heat retention.

I also like that they keep the bunk ends clean (much easier to clean than the vinyl bunk ends).


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Sep 1, 2008
I have been an avid user of the PUGS and I wouldnt set up with out them anymore. But , mine are also starting to delaminate. But it isnt from the product quality, I assure you of that. I agree, folding them punishes them. I guess I will have to save my change and purchase another set, because these babies really put up with a lot of abuse, sunshine, wind, etc... and I honestly say that it is the best thing I have purchased for my camping hobby.Just time for new ones.


Feb 26, 2009
I am with candleems in that I use the PUGS with Reflectix in the windows. Not only does it keep the heat in, at night it gives a bit more privacy and sound insulation. BAL levelers and PUGS were the first things I bought for my pop-up and would not leave without them.


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Mar 8, 2009
I am new to all of this, can someone please tell me more info on this reflectix that goes in the windows.

Thanks Eric