Pt. Beach State Park


Pt. Beach State Park would be our favorite WI State Park if it was closer to home! HUGE sites, 60-70 feet long, and very wide with lots of space between, and growth between many, but not all, of the sites. Lots of electric sites, some non-electric. OK bathroom/shower house, interspersed with pit toilets. Water here and there too. Interesting park lay out too, lots of site back further, with electricity, in area where no large trailers are allowed. Beaches, plus a dog beach! Concession, and ice at park. No internet, no T-Mobile, but 5 miles away in Two Rivers, next to Coast Guard HQ, there's a great picnic shelter with electricity and bathrooms, right across from the Marina and ACCESS, and great library in town with access too. Best ever Mexican restaurant on main drag. The nuclear plant just north of the park is now closed.




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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Looks / sounds like a great park to camp, Beautiful scenery and nice campsites. Thanks for sharing those nice pictures, I can see why you like it so much.
Good Luck and Keep On Camping


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Oct 6, 2012
One of my favorite parks! Would like to get there again soon! The sites are awesome... just hard to get!
Edit: just realized how old this thread is lol

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