Replacing canvas - 2005 Fleetwood Niagara (I've contacted Bear Creek already)


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May 13, 2023
Maineville, OH
I understand there are posts out there regarding this same topic, and I have looked them through. However, sometimes new resources become available, so I thought I'd ask again. My wife and I are in the market for a full canvas replacement for our 2005 Fleetwood Niagara. I've contacted Bear Creek who seems to be a great choice. However, their wait time is currently until December of this year. We recently bought this camper and I'm not sure the canvas will hold out that long so I'm looking for a quicker alternative. They did say the had a tan in stock, but we're not sure we want that color. We'd like grey, apparently just like everyone else! lol

We might still go that route, but I thought I'd do some exploring first.

Thanks so much