Report on the weBoost cell booster


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
I had a chance to really test the weBoost on our trip over the past week. We are happy that we installed it in the truck, rather than the trailer. Cell service was quite variable. I was able to make an important phone call from the campsite, but at other times, had to get to nearer the road to get service, even with the weBoost.
I never had enough bars for internet at the site. I didn't experiment at the road, but I think I had enough to do internet, if I'd had a reason to do so.
We did conclude that we need to move the inside antenna. We out it in a handy niche, but it seems to be a bit blocked, and leaning over the phone on speaker so it was as near to the niche a possible got old quickly. (I was on hold a lot as I tried to make a medical appt, hoping the call didn't drop and make me start over!)