Rex Hale Campground WY


Retired from the Federal Government
May 7, 2013
Somewhere in Idaho
US Forest service campground located in Shoshone NF, it is approx. 36 miles west of Cody and 19 miles from the East entrance to Yellowstone NP. Camped here once, due to my favorite campground to the east, Wapiti was closed to the grizzlies in the area eating berries. There is power in some sites, but they are designed as handicapped spaces; although if all other sites are reserved, you can reserve the powered sites. They just request you leave the power sites open if others are available.

Strange thing is they closed Wapiti due to bears and yet the first night there, the dogs got really anxious, and I heard something outside about 3AM, but couldn't see anything through the trailer's plastic windows, but next morning there was a grizzly dropping right next to my trailer step. Almost stepped in it! So be careful where you take that first step.

Photos do NOT seem to post, so no photos; although I have some.