Rivers Prov Park


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Apr 29, 2012
Leaving in t-minus 20 mins to Rivers Prov Park,
Will Leave a detailed review daily here for all to see. We have booked a 15amp site with water. Unsure about trees or privacy.
Will update on arrival.

Stay Tuned


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Apr 29, 2012
Well we made it last night,
What a great place... Quiet, on the water, semi private sites with 15/30 amp at almost all sites.
We are right on the water site22. Each Site seems level and spacious,all curbed in so u know your boundaries...

Firewood is Free!! This is my first time getting free unlimited wood.
Free showers and modern washrooms.
Camp is regularly patrolled by rangers.

Will post more later And pics


Aug 11, 2012
Free Firewood? That is unheard of!

That would save me at least 20$ per weekend, might go camping there and book an extra day with money saved....

Thanks for the info!


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Apr 29, 2012
**Full Review**

Located 20 minutes north of Brandon, MB. Rivers Provincial park and recreation area is a outstanding place to bring your family and friends.

Available are full service or primitive sites for daily or seasonal use. Rates start at 11$ and go up depending on the services chosen.

The average site will easily accomidate any popup/tv combo with plenty of space to gather.
Every site is curbed and has a firepit with one side cut out for easy cooking on the pits.

View of our camp setup.

Now onto some features of the sites:

Every site is equipped with a GFCI 15 AND 30 AMP plug.


Waste facilities are located at every second campsite, and seem to be emptied every 3 hours.

This is one of 3 of the campgrounds FREE wood piles.. yes it is 100% free and always stocked
(Photo taken on a sunday morning)

Showerhouse and modern bath are cleaned hourly by camp staff.
The showers are all free to use;


There are plugins avail for hairdryers or shavers.


Campground also has outhouses, they are all clean and smell great! (Not like a morgue they are really fresh, im not sure how they do it)

All park signage is very visible and easy to understand.
There are 4 bays total, field pull thru sites for big rigs, seasonal sites, and then semi private casual use sites.

Beach was clean and after speaking to staff, its seems the lake is less then 60 years old, and formed by damming a nearby river.

Park play area for kids, was nice and well maintained. In view from the beach and most bay 2 sites.

There is also modern change room and showers at the beach. (Not suitable for showering in and changing)

Mini golf course $4 for adults and $3 for kids (Prices subject to change)
Also small snack shop, open odd hours on weekdays but all day weekends.


The burger was a let down, but the perogies were amazing!


Just a neat tree in the campsite!

Overall I would give this campground 3 out of 5 stars.
The reason i take away stars, is the host was hard to find, and the modernwashrooms were quite some distance from bay 2, not like what the map online makes you think.
Free firewood, this is something ive personally never seen before, and was amazed, saves a lot of money and provides unlimited uses! However, needs to be split, so bring your axe!
Town close by Rivers MB, great little quiant town, but the vendor closes at 5pm daily, so remember that aswell.


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Jan 16, 2009
Winnipeg, Manitoba
That is one camp ground that has been on my radar, after your review I think I will check it out.

It seems a lot of camp grounds in western Manitoba offer free firewood. It is free and not always the best wood, we always find the free firewood wet and really hard to get a fire going.

We have been to Adam Lake, hour or so south of Brandon on #10 with free firewood. Spruce woods also offers free firewood, and this year the wood was nice and dry. We were there for labour day weekend and we started the fire Friday night and when we got up Saturday morning the coals were still warm so we got the fire going and let it go all day. We did this for Sunday and Monday as well, wouldn't want to know how much the wood would have cost if we had to have bought it.

Kay Wetherill

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May 28, 2020
We love Rivers, wonderful for the family, kids have a great time, running for Ice Cream, the park, mini golf or the beach!
Fishing available a few meters away from most sites and you can see kids play at park at some sites too! Keep your licenses for fishing close, and conceal the adult beverages, as we had Park Rangers/ Game Warden ask!!! Also keep music off at the designated quiet time, as they do come and tell you to shut it down, last time it was 10:40pm, as a warning that quiet time was coming. Very family friendly, and hospitable.


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Jul 19, 2020
The original post being from 2012...does anyone know if firewood is still free at Rivers? The Prov Park website says wood is available for purchase. However all parks we camped at last year provided free firewood (pleasant surprise).