Robbers' Cave State Park


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May 12, 2014
I have "camped" at the group camps at Robbers Cave (no camper) twice now. I absolutely love this park! There are so many trails and things to do there - and they are very pet friendly as long as you clean up their messes!
I have never seen their campgrounds up close to know how good the sites are and what the amenities are... but hopefully I will change that later this year. Once I get my pop-up I plan on going back down there for a weekend.


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Sep 2, 2012
We finally made the trip to Robbers Cave. Absolutely loved it. Nice sites, great trails, super friendly people. We stayed in the Old Circle loop. The other loop is basically just a parking lot. Only negative was the bath house. Not heated and pretty rundown. Very picturesque though.


Jul 5, 2015
This was our first PUP outing. Agree with Old Circle Loop. The kids loved the pool. Rented kayaks for and afternoon. Nice trip all around.


Oct 25, 2021
We camped at Robber’s Cave over Labor Day weekend and had an amazing time. Because we booked late the only loop with spots left that had electric and water hookups was the Equestrian Campground. It had a large pavilion area for rent and most camp spots included small corrals for people to keep their horses. We don’t have horses, but it was cool to camp among them and see them being ridden. The spots were nice and shaded though they didn’t keep them as closely mowed as other campgrounds. Probably has something to do with the horses eating the grass. We saw a few haltered and grazing around the camp spots. We hiked, swam, kayaked, repelled and played disc golf in the two and a half days we were there. The state park is large and offers so much and there were so many people enjoying it. They have the fancy new shower facilities which meant we were able to shower in air conditioning. That’s always a treat at campgrounds. Here are a few photos of repelling and climbing among the rocks.

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Aug 8, 2015
Our scout troop camped there the year before covid I think, did the horse program at the stables that they offer. Very pretty park, would go back again. We were in the group camping area as well.