Roof Rot


Jul 2, 2022
Crownsville MD
We knew it would happen eventually, but yesterday discovered our first MAJOR problem. We noticed a short while ago, the bolts holding the lift rails (wrong term? the 4 extending towers on the 4 corners that raise the roof) to the roof, were pulling in from the side panel of the roof. Yesterday, we raised the roof in preparation for camping this weekend, and spent some time investigating. It appears that the wood pieces on the sides of the roof are rotting. Passenger side, much worse than driver side, though drivers side was more obvious from the outside. We will still camp this weekend and baby it along. The passenger side is actually still wet. No rain for at least a week, so hopefully we can get it dried out. Fortunately very handy, camping, sister and BIL are arriving in 2 weeks and say they can fix it. They'll replace the wood, and then where the bolts go, they'll 'sandwich' the wood with aluminum inside and out, to prevent this from happening again.

Our daughter's wedding is in less than 4 weeks and the intent is to camp for about 10 days surrounding the big event (hotel for the 2 nights of the actual event - I think I have to draw the line of primping for my mother of the bride appearance in a camper! LOL). So, timing is everything. Of course.



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2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
Sorry to hear about the rot. Sadly had that happen to my old camper. Sadly that in combination of a broken lift I chose not to repair. Best of wishes to your daughter and the family for the big day. I was so relieved my brother chose to stay local for their wedding years ago. I was worried I would be dressing in a formal gown at a campground bathroom. Boy the looks I would have received walking back to camp.

Hey Now Bob

Jun 4, 2022
Memphis, TN
Hey Now.

I have similar rot, but not as extensive, on the front side for me. It seems to have pushed out far enough the seal no longer meets, so this won't get better. Please keep posting when you can. Interested in the fix.

And congrats on the wedding.

Michael J

Active Member
Aug 9, 2018
Took us a few weeks in 30 ish degree weather doing some work in the house prepping for working on it outside.... Good thing the wife was very tolerant LoL but we replaced all 4 drop sides this spring ours was only 7/16 osb I just used it again and replaced the inside and outside metal with Trim Coil from Menards cause taking any old stuff off wasn't gonna happen


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