Screen door sliding panel


Aug 22, 2022
Hey all,

I’m trying to find a replacement (or mod idea) for the upper sliding panel on my screen door. From the looks of it, the frame and material have been gone for a while and it kinda sucks when it gets chilly. I was thinking of putting something on some Polycarb of the same dimensions, blacking it out with something nice, and coming up with a handle and position-holder idea so I can’t still use it at various positions.

I’ve included pics of what it looks like now.

I’m communicating from a lady at Forest River about potential parts, but I’m not feeling optimistic she’ll find anything - at least that’s not a huge cost.


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Sep 2, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Since the remaining piece still functions (slides up and down) you could just use a piece of lexan or plexiglass to replace the missing piece. You can get opaque plastic for privacy. (Might even be able to match the original colour) I would slide the remaining piece to the top and keep the new piece on the bottom. If you cut it wide enough to go in the grooves it should stay in place. Then you can still raise/lower the top when you need airflow.


Aug 22, 2022
Lol! After reading this I went and played with the door. Found out that the remaining piece does slide - though it’s a challenge to get it to move. I was certain I’d have to make the other one the slider and was worried about it falling down in between the current piece and the screen. And I was liking the idea of the Lexan, just wasn’t sure how to do it if it was gonna have to be the slider - but no more. Now I just have to figure out if the current piece has locking pins that fit into the notches on the frame or if I just have to rely on the current force it takes to move it. That and a little silicone.