Showing off😄 - StarCraft starflyer XL 1706


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Hi everyone.
Since there are no StarCraft pop-ups around in the Netherlands I would like to share some pictures of my pop-up. I inherited it from my parents, who bought it new in 1979. After a lot of traveling in the states they shipped it over to the Netherlands and I have been the proud owner now since five years, trying to maintain it well, it is still in perfect condition, and enjoying camping with it every year. I absolutely love my ‘vouwie’ which is his Dutch nickname☺️ 4D07BC0D-B35F-4EE3-80DC-0CEE050B4DCB.jpeg 969146A9-6AB9-4F94-B757-F5BC689912BF.jpeg 6EE5C21B-6E82-41B0-8D29-0023BE09C13E.jpeg D79197C4-6D92-48AB-A1CB-D703A94D3FF9.jpeg D50018E6-4E67-48F5-8319-BE2442488403.jpeg