Skamper Owners Sound Off!

Jade Taylor

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Feb 1, 2021
Hello!! We are new owners of a 1993 Skamper 17c. No Manual. We are newbies and I feel like I need to walk around and post pics to ask what everything is! I did see the electrical/fuse panel, what kind of fuses does it use? I read you should always have some on hand. Also, it has a switch for conv./off/batt. I’m assuming conventional/off/battery but where is the battery? Is there a battery? Is conventional when you are plugged in with the 30amp to the camping site? So many questions! Thank you in advance and thank you for having this group!


Feb 3, 2020
Conv would mean "converter". Yes, you would switch to this when plugged in. You will then have power at your outlets, and your lights and furnace fan will run off Shore Power instead of using your battery. If you have a battery, it would be located on the tongue of your trailer. It looks like a car battery. You can find Skamper manuals on this website. (popupportal)


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Sep 25, 2020
Gifted a 1987 Skamper 190C! My dad passed it down to me and man the memories I had that I can now pass on to my kids. Absolutely love it!


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May 6, 2021
2001 21D owner. Bought from originAl owner. We have owned it less than a year. In the last 10 it had very little use or maintenance. So far we love it. We painted cabinets and walls and put down wood-like peel and stick planks.


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Jun 27, 2018
Saco, Maine
I have owned a 1987 Skamper 210c for 3 years now. Happy to be one of the gang! Her name is Evelyn! Im from Saco, Maine and she has given my Girlfriend and I much joy! The rear roof is rotting out but no leaks just yet. Hoping to get the gusto to fix her. Happy camping to all of you!! 371.jpg 336.jpg 352.jpg 353.jpg
Jul 13, 2017
I have the same year and model.


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