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Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras


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Sep 19, 2018
League City, Texas USA.
So… having dinner & thinking about… things. Does anyone suppose the fires were so smokey because there was a group of camping gals trying to burn their bras?? 🤔
Praise the Lord resurrection is real!

This thread has risen from the dead!

OK snarkyness aside, the original post was from 10 years ago bra burning kind of hasn't been much of a thing since at least the early 1970s.

As far as the original posters then 11 year old son... well that child is at least 20 years old now, and most likely is crawling out of a tent with his own girlfriend wearing nothing but a bra and shorts...

And in defense of busty ladies, when my late wife and I would go camping the trip between our campsite and the shower house before we get our own shower tent she would not wear a bra for that trip. She would go and shower dry off and put on bed clothes. And the only reason for the bed clothes AKA pajamas Was because we were out in public at home it was a crapshoot if we wore anything to bed at all...
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Susan Premo

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Nov 5, 2020
I hate wearing one myself, I'm not a "big" woman, I use to wish I was, but we'll you know gravity takes over as you grow older and all that. But their so fecking uncomfortable, so I wear t shirts under a shirt or blouses that are a bit thicker in the spring and summer months.