Solar charging while traveling


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Feb 13, 2021
I have a 21 Rockwood 2318g with the solar input. I'm attaching a 200 watt panel to my roof, to help out my two 100 watt panels when boondocking.

My question is: would there be any reason to plug the 200 watt roof panel in while traveling? Would that screw things up, since the battery is already charging from the seven pin?

I've noticed on short trips from campground to campground, the TV doesn't always get the pup's battery to full voltage.

Am I asking for trouble trying to charge from two sources? I have an old school lead acid battery, FWIW.

Thanks, all!


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Mar 2, 2021
Hog Waller, GA
I'd disconnect the 7-pin and run the 200w roofer. You'll get your battery full and won't confuse your alternator. Most 7-pins have very anemic amperage and are maintainers, not chargers.