Solar panels & 3M VHB - UPDATE


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Apr 6, 2017
It's been too long now to remember the product was just 3M VHB tape, 1" wide as I remember.

@Don & Kelly Crisp
If you scroll up to post #1, there's an aluminum frame pictured that I copied with aluminum angle from Home Depot The panels lay flat for traveling, & can be angled either left or right for maximum sun exposure. I really haven't done much in the way of other mods, other than add a voltmeter, 12v power port, & 2 USB charging ports to the fold-over galley. I do have a LiFePo4 battery & lithium charging controller, but I haven't gotten them installed yet.

I originally did angle my panels to better catch the sun, but I've discovered that I get more than sufficient charging lust leaving them flat.

We camp in both open & shaded areas, I've not had an issue with getting enough sun for charging, but our power needs are minimal. The only real power hog we have is our furnace, & I've only used it once in all the time we've had this p'up.