Stabilizer leg replacement?


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May 16, 2023
Houston, Tx
Hello all! We recently bought our first pop up, a used 1999 Fleetwood. We are new to all of this and kinda learning as we go. When we got it home and went to set it up we realized that it was missing the stabilizer legs (not actually sure what the proper name for these are) on the back side. The two of the front are there, but the back ones are missing.
How do I go about finding new ones and putting them on? Do I try to find exact replacements, or are there aftermarket options that are better? I included a picture of the front ones and missing back side as well.

Again this is all very new to us! I have always loved camping and growing up I wanted a camper. Finally convinced my husband to take the plunge and here we are! Thanks for your help! I'm loving exploring this forum!


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May 31, 2018
Etrailor or amazon . They have diffrent types. It depends what you like and want. Plus the cost. I like the sissor jack ones, the ones you have I think are made by bal. You can also use screw up jack stands. You can weld or bolt them on depending on what you have to work with on the camer frame.


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Jul 19, 2007
If you're in the States, beside the already nentioned places, Harbor Freight, some Walmarts, any RV dealer, any Utility Trailer Dealer, most Lowes and probably others. In Canada, some Wal-Marts, some Canadian Tire Stores (some have the crank down style, some have the scissor style, some only have the sand pads), Princess Auto, some Lowes, any RV or trailer dealer, some boating stores. Lots of choices on where to find a replacement pair.