Star Lake

campfire Joe

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Jan 27, 2015
peru new york
Wow sounds like you might of rushed it some. Hopefully you can get it taken care of before anything else happens to it. Good Luck. I'm heading out on our last trip of this year Mon. We are going to Fish Creek Pond here in NY. Also plan on getting some bass fishing in.

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
Southern California
I survived the camping trip, even with a sore foot. I am back in civilization now. Even with the foot issue, this was one of the best camping trips I have ever had. We rode 118 miles exploring on forest roads on our Quads. I'll tell you more after I get the camper unpacked and cleaned out. My foot was giving me a lot of problems walking on uneven ground. Surprisingly, on the second to the last day, it seemed to be a lot better. I'll be working on a new YouTube video when I get back home. I'll be home on Monday.