Stephenfield Provincial Park


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Apr 29, 2012
Today we are packing up for the 1st trip of 2013!! If this rain ever stops!
Not too far from home just to Stephenfield Park by Carman, MB.

Will post a in-depth review and pictorial as usual once I arrive and familiarize myself with the grounds.
Pictures indicate that the sites are fully treed and private, hopefully it is real!


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Apr 29, 2012
Well we had a great time this weekend, despite the 60-80km/h winds and the -10C cold nights in the camper. The campground is located about 70mins south west of Winnipeg off HWY 3.

Things to note about this campground...

There is no wood on site. There is a guy right outside the gate that sells wood pre-split for $8 for 15 pieces. or about 9mins away in Roseisle, MB there is a store that has everything you need aswell as wood for $5 a bag (if you have a axe... which you should this is the deal)

Campsite are spaced generously apart and once the trees get some green on them, they will be very private. Each site comes with 2 - 15 amp plugs and 1 - 30 amp plug.
There is NO water on site, but there are taps on the bay loops.

The washrooms are some of the best ive seen. This could be cause the park is quite new. Or as its not a very busy place.
There are 4 showers in the shower house, and 2 washrooms as well.

Outhouses are located on each bay (sorry no pics) they are nice and well maintained, just as the modern facilities.

Food options:
There is nothing inside the park for food. However right on the outside of the gate is Sparks drive in. Decent food at decent prices, if you are in a pinch, they also sell hotdogs by the dozen and marshmallows.

If you dont have popup or tent you can rent a yurt, they look pretty cool, was unable to get inside one for a pic.

This park is on a wild bird refuge, so beware of birds all over in the early morning hours.

Pics of our site and setup:

Nice view on the road to the park:


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Apr 29, 2012
Funny Update:
2 Summers later and I now work at this park. Still as beautiful as it was in 2013


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Apr 12, 2017
Well, we went to Stephenfield this past weekend, and to summarize, nice campground, poopy lake.

The campground itself was excellent. The sites were widely spaced and semi-private (mostly owing to the fact that they weren't very deep). Out of 4 main bays, 1 is seasonal, two are electric only, and 1 is electric/water. We had an electric site, and found that the electricity pole was well located, necessitating only about 6 feet of cable out from the trailer (so many campgrounds have the hookup on the opposite side of the site from where you park the trailer, necessitating an extension chord - Bird's Hill and Rushing River come to mind).

The campground facilities were excellent. Each bay had a modern washroom that was a bit older, but very clean and well maintained. In a central location were the shower facilities, as well as private washrooms. The washrooms were newer, and lined with cedar. They were a very popular place for people to do their morning business. The showers were also new, with stone tile and nice materials. $1 got you 3 minutes.

There are basketball hoops (not a full court, mostly just good for playing 21 and shooting hoops), a beautiful play park, volleyball courts, etc. The campground office will loan out sporting equipment like balls, horseshoes, Frisbees, etc.

The dam and spillway was an interesting place, and definitely worth a visit if you're camping there. It was about a 10 minute bike ride from the campground to the spillway.

The beach was another story entirely. The reservoir was formed by damming the Boyne River. The Boyne River, unfortunately contains a TON of run-off from farmers fields. The water was entirely crap. We didn't go in it much (I just went in up to my ankles). The beach itself wasn't much better. The 'sand' had a really high clay content, resulting in mostly mud. Great for building sand castles, but really messy and not good for much else. We DID get to go canoeing, but even that is really only good at the west end of the lake, as the east basin is FILLED with powerboats pulling tubes. Those powerboats didn't seem to have much regards for the canoes and kayakers trying to stay upright amidst their wake.

So, all in all, if you want a great camping experience, Stephenfield is an excellent choice. Just don't go there for the beach.