Television at campsite?

Do you use a television at the campsite?

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Jan 30, 2021
I confess it did cross my mind that a tiny flat screen that I have would probably fit on the inside the "wall" of the humped roof of the the old home made pup just above the door. The problem is there's nothing to lean against to sit up in bed which is something I've been trying to figure out -like a folding head board.


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Aug 31, 2020
Keizer, OR
We do sometimes, just the little old flat screen and DVD player if there's excessive precip in the forecast, especially with our two little ones (1 yo and 5yo DD). There's only so much puddle jumping and playing out in the weather they can take before seeking refuge in our cozy little PUP. Our 13yo DD doesn't really care, she'll read or heaven forbid get glued to the cell phone. If it is just the DW and I, heck nope. It's books, conversation, watching the bush tv(camp fire) and people watching if we're lazing about in camp.


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Jun 17, 2014
Toledo, OH
When we had our popup we didn't have a TV. Wife wanted one but me, eh, not so much. When we got the hybrid I installed a 24 inch Fire TV my wife bought. We usually get 50-70 OTA channels when camping although many of them we wouldn't watch. But we hotspot the TV with our phone and watch a Netflix show or movie with the kids. Happy wife happy life. My idea of camping is backcountry hiking. Her idea is Hampton Inn. We meet somewhere in the middle. LOL.


Jan 17, 2022
NW Georgia
My old Aliner didn't have a television and I never missed it. The new trailer, like nearly all TT's, has one but we've not turned it on in the 18 mos I've had it. Removing it is on my To Do list. This got me wondering if many folks, especially p'up owners, use a TV when camping. So...
Have used a tv camping for 3 different c campers 2- pups and one HT. Now have pup and use often. Directv using app Sat Finder Lite. Makes sat pointing a breeze! I have tailgated OSU games 4-states and USC(SC) and bowl games but the app is so much easier. Tv is nice am news and sports. Good camping!


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Oct 20, 2014
Knee deep in kudzu
We enjoyed having a TV when the campground that we frequent had cable TV. We don't have a TV addiction problem so we were able to have a TV camping without issues. The campground hasn't had cable for a few years now and I do miss it. It was nice to be able to flip on the TV and watch the news and weather.
I'm a TV watcher at home but even when staying in a campground that has cable, I haven't tried hooking it up. Somewhere in the trailer is a coax cable, but there's been no motivation to pull it out and see what channels we can get. There is an old Bruce Springsteen song, "57 Channels and Nothin' On". That is likely how I would feel after finally going through the bother. lol

For the record, we aren't anti-tech by any stretch of the imagination. The two of us travel with 3 smartphones and two laptops, sometimes with a 3rd laptop &/or tablet, plus a portable monitor. And of course, the unused TV has HDMI hookups. It's completely ridiculous. My preference is to be going and doing fun outdoor activities all day long. However, when we finally settle at the campsite for a meal or at night we can both be seen with technology sprouting from out hands, like extra appendages. As already stated, it is ridiculous. Yet the TV sits unused, unneeded, indeed unwanted. Because to me that is not camping. Phones and computers are like extensions of my body but the TV is not. It is inside and not where I want to be. Yes, we could move it outside but I'm way, way too lazy for that. (Okay, I'm also too small and the TV too unweildy.)

But then... we sit outside at night, never with a campfire, extinguish the glow of our smartphone screens and just look up at the night sky or look at the lake or stare into the woods imagining bears or bobcats but only seeing deer or possums or, heaven forbid, skunks. It is nice to just be there, to just be... ... And then later we turn the technology back on. [:D]

Even when I tent camp I will have some movies downloaded on my ipad. I also have a nifty LED projector with a built in battery and speaker. I can set up a fabric screen in a canopy, inside my larger tent or inside the pup, and watch a movie on a screen bigger than what I have at home sometimes. For me this can be a treat.
Now that is something I have considered. We can remove the TV to use that area for storage. It is a cabinet like area but without doors. In that area, I can simply use a tension rod to hang a white curtain as a cheap screen. There are acceptable, small, inexpensive LED projectors. It would be a compact, instant theater on a rainy or otherwise inclement day. Just a thought, but not one I've acted on yet.


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Jul 31, 2021
My old Aliner didn't have a television and I never missed it. The new trailer, like nearly all TT's, has one but we've not turned it on in the 18 mos I've had it. Removing it is on my To Do list. This got me wondering if many folks, especially p'up owners, use a TV when camping. So...
We live in Michigan and every time we go camping it rains at some point. So, we have a tiny TV with a built in DVD player that we have on a shelf in our pop up to use to watch a movie when it's raining. We actually enjoy a little late night movie sometimes before bed since it's always just the two of us.


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May 22, 2003
I used to be the type to say "that's sacrilege ... TV while camping!" Then I got stuck for a long weekend in the popup with my Fiancé (now wife) with two of us and 3 dogs in the pouring down rain for 3 days. Games didn't last long. Books didn't last long. It would have been nice at the time to have a TV with DVDs to pop in to cut the doldrums. Now, we travel with 2 kids and a lot of our trips are to other activities, not to campgrounds with camping as the primary activity. On those trips, having the TV for the kids can help, although whenever possible I want to kick them out of the camper to enjoy the outdoors. It always helps when at a campground that has planned kid or family activities!


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Sep 29, 2022
Snohomish, WA
We bring an iPad for the kids (3 and 5) to chill out to before bed. We add some TV shows or movies they're into at the moment. It has a keyboard that folds into a stand and they can have it propped up between them while they lay in bed. I wouldn't say the screen is often in hand, but that's the only tablet option above.


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Aug 23, 2019
New York State, Erie County
NAH... no TV... however, when the kiddos were young, we did have a portable DVD player for the trip out and back...

BUT... at the campsite, it was/is board games, UNO or just plain talking to each other... DW, DD and one middle son are bookworms... me, not so much.... the other Middle Son thought getting the PUP was "Going Over to The Dark Side/Glamping" so, no electronics was a foregone conclusion for him

As for keeping up with the Christmas asked DW what she wanted and she got it... not jewelry, not clothes but an Emergency Radio... how's that for "weird"?...

Happy Trails!
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Jun 26, 2020
Lancaster PA
I rarely watch TV anymore at home, especially the news. But like the OP said, the new camper came with a TV and they wouldn't take the $ off the price to take it back, so we have one.

When we're at the beach for 2 weeks, it's very nice to have, especially for the kids. When it's raining or just too stupid hot out, it's nice to be able to all watch a movie. I've even mounted it outside and had movie night with our friend's kids over. About the only show I watch routinely is "this old house" on PBS. I can watch it now while camping if I want.

For weekend trips it's not used unless it's a very rare exception, usually due to weather conditions.

I have seen plenty of people, usually with huge class a motorhomes that park and proceed to watch TV and never emerge from their vehicle. My guess is that they're retired and living in the camper full time. So "camping" is their normal and TV is part of it for them just like if I was at home...and if I watched a lot of TV.


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May 26, 2022
I personally cannot sleep without a tv on. We have a popup camper with the high walls so it has the hard wall shower, so my bf built a tv mount out of 2 wreath hangers and we have the tv on the shower wall. Its fantastic!


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Jun 3, 2015
My old Aliner didn't have a television and I never missed it. The new trailer, like nearly all TT's, has one but we've not turned it on in the 18 mos I've had it. Removing it is on my To Do list. This got me wondering if many folks, especially p'up owners, use a TV when camping. So...
We have a small TV and dvd player on hand to bring along in case it rains. Otherwise, no


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Jul 20, 2009
For now, I vote no to a TV. But the last two years on certain trips, I have taken a tablet with a movie downloaded onto it. Due to wildfires we regularly see camp fire bans, one trip we do yearly is at high elevation & temps drop to the low 30s. I can't sit outside without a fire & not freeze, so we warm our bed with hot water bottles, attach the tablet to the shepherds pole, grab a few snacks & drinks and watch a movie in bed. I thoroughly enjoy it but wouldn't go as far as buying a TV. However, DH was telling me about a projector he saw online, said it would be cool, I haven't looked into - yet!