The uncle I never knew


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Sep 9, 2013
Kansas City
This is a newly-discovered photo of my uncle Paul who was killed during WWII. He died in a truck accident less than six months after graduating from high school in the spring of 1944 without ever firing a shot.

Growing up all the cousins were told about Paul, but there weren't a lot of details available and the only photo most of us knew was a stoic high school graduation picture that hung on the wall at our grandma's house. In this photo he looks remarkably like my dad who was 11 years his senior. To the best of our knowledge, there's nobody still alive that actually knew Paul, but this photo really gives me an insight about who he was and makes me feel like I know so much more about him than before.

One of my cousins found this picture in a box of her parents' belongings and brought it to a small family get-together on Memorial Day.

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Jul 2, 2016
Great picture and story. Thanks for sharing. We should always remember the sacrifices made to keep us safe.

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