Trailer wiring, 4 pin to 7 pin adapter


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So, I took the advice to change the 7 pin connector on the trailer and ordered a new one. To my shock what arrived was the same obscure connector that no one seems to have heard of that is already on my camper. As I am hoping to use the popup over Columbus Day weekend, I think I am just going to put a flat 4-pin connector on the trailer and call it a day. As the trailer does not have brakes (or the brackets to add them) I am not sacrificing anything. Cheers!

I hate to say it but I think this "same obscure connector" is the standard 7-pin. Perhaps the pins on your TV are slightly bent?

In any case, nobody here, nor Google, seems to know anything about alternate flavors of the RV 7-pin trailer light connector.

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
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The "obscure" plug is the same as the standard plug on my 2003 Scout, and the same as a new std plug that I bought for a home-made test harness.

4 circumferential plug blades have narrower contacts - likely becasue they carry less current?