weight of Viking

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Feb 14, 2008
Where my camper is parked now.

That's what I was worried about.
You definitely have a problem.
I hope it's the scale that was wrong.

Maybe RayT38 can tell us the wt rating on his 94. In fact size and load range would be helpful.

I wonder if the previous owner put on the wrong load range for your pup?


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Jul 3, 2008
well after many attempts and set backs we were finally able to weigh our pup. We had the fridge, microwave, and 95% of our camping stuff in the camper when it got weighed, the other 5% will go in our truck and it weighed 1500LBS on the nose. Much better then the 1820LBS suggested at the other scales, but close to what our tires can carry I guess. But there is no room to put on bigger tires. So we will have to watch what else goes in the pup.