What is your opinion? Can you use a dual receiver upside down?


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Apr 10, 2020
Northern BC
We just got a new to us tow vehicle (Toyota Tundra). We have not connected our 2009 Fleetwood Bayside yet but I am pretty sure the hitch will be a lot higher than it was with our Honda Ridgeline. I have been looking for a way to bring my bike and have been contemplating the dual receiver. Never did it with the Ridgeline because we were too close to our towing limit but we have room to spare now. Bayside 3500 lbs ~ Tundra towing capacity 9800lbs.

My question is: Do you think a dual receiver is safe to use upside down?

The "top" half looks weaker then the bottom one, so I am hesitant to turn it upside down, giving me the lower one ~ which is actually the top receiver ~ to connect the trailer to and using the higher one ~ which is actually the bottom receiver ~ to attach a bike rack (for only one cruise bike).

What do you think? Would it be safe to do this?




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Aug 8, 2015
No. Rule of thumb is that those things reduce your tongue weight pretty significantly. Use the bed for your bikes.

You will probably need a drop hitch if the truck is too high. Using a drop hitch in conjunction with an extender like that is a recipe for failure IMO.


Apr 15, 2013
I tried the dual hitch out for the exact same reason. It was great until I got a bike pinched when backing the PUP into a tight spot one time. I had to remove the bikes while still hooked up and that was a pain. Not a good idea at all.

My solution was to get a front hitch for the bike rack. You see them all the time down south with a cooler platform and rod holders etc. I'd have the bikes on up front and it worked out great. I'd also use it for a platform and to push the PUP into the garage with much greater control.


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Jan 2, 2022
Central Texas
Absolutely not, recipe for disaster. As stated a drop hitch is the best way to go. I have an adjustable drop hitch, with the interchangeable ball system, 1 7/8", 2", & 2 5/16". Has 8" max drop, it is heavy at 32#'s, 2.5" reciever. Strong, and stable, however I visually check the complete tow system, frame bolts, web welds, everyplace there might be a stress point, for cracks or damage once every spring. DW says I am a little OCD, have her fooled, I am a lot OCD. We can never be to careful, when we are towing. Enjoy your new TV. Enjoy the camp. See you on the trail.
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