What would these J channels be used for?


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Jul 25, 2022
We have a new to us 2007 StarCraft PopUp and we’re loving it. On both the front and back of the roof, we have a J channel groove that looks like something might fit into it. Just wondering what you thought this might work for? I was thinking potentially some sort of bunk end cover, similar to PUGS maybe? I checked the owner’s manual and can’t find any reference to what it might be. What do you think? 7D94083F-F0FD-4AE0-B114-19DFF7D815F8.jpeg


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J Starsky

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
You want to keep as much water off the bunk ends as you can, the keeps the rain from the roof from needing to travel across the fabric. I should add to the old gal our back...


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Jan 9, 2021
Long Island NY
You know, I never thought of that. I've been trying to think of a way for the ac water to drain properly. Thanks to both of you, I just found my answer! I wonder if they can be ordered. I think I'm getting dumber by the day!
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