What's my pop-up worth?


Jul 29, 2016
Hope this is an ok forum to put this in. I didn't see another one that fit.

Anyway. I think I am going to sell our popup but have no idea what price to put on it.
I know it varies widely by area of the country, but what do you think?

1999 Coleman Niagra. It is in campable and towable condition with the following issues:

The crank system clutch does not work. The previous owner installed a chain that goes over the crank handle once you get the roof up. It has been that way since I got it and it works fine, just not as intended

The ABS roof is in really good shape but the front corners are starting to get hairline cracks

The front box leaked at some point. I have fixed the leak, but about 1'-0 of the passenger side floor is a little iffy. I cover it with the cutting board and have had no problems.

The tenting has seen much better days and will need replacing in the next couple of years.

The awning bag came loose from the strip that goes in the channel. If could be sewn back on and then it would be fine.

Besides those items, everything works as intended. The tires and wheels are new and correct for the camper. Bearing buddies have been installed. The Interior is in perfect shape. Cassette toilet works as it should, furnace works, air conditioner works, fridge works, etc.


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Just a WAG, but in today's market maybe $1500. Roof crank would be a showstopper for me, I'd either need it repaired before the purchase, or a significant discount so I could repair it/have it repaired (too large of a safety issue to kludge, IMHO). The soon-to-fail ABS roof and tenting are close seconds.

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