where do you store your pots/pans?


Apr 30, 2010
All our cookware is in cabinet directly across from the stove/sink right now. I do plan to move them to a plastic container for the TV for our next trip in about 10 days. Just to be on the safe side I will be taking more precautions because of bears. They tend to frequent our favorite campground. Heck, we even have them at our house! They ate up all our corn field about 2 yrs ago. Butt prints in the dirt where they sat and ate! I wouldn't want to wake to one trying to get in a pup!!


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Aug 23, 2009
In a little baggie in my sock drawer...oh wait your talking about cooking items! (btw that was my spot but gave up that habit a loooong time ago) I store the DO,skillet,grill pan and griddle under the galley.Coleman deluxe outdoor kitchen is under dinette seat and cook stove is in the tongue box with the fuel for it.


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Aug 29, 2009
my pots amd pans are in the cabinet just inside the door (no bear problems here) . This gives me access to make breakfast, when family is still sawing logs, without too much comotion.


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Oct 19, 2010
I keep mine in a 2 sterilite drawers from walmart. But now that I've been reading where everyone else places their gives me second thought as to some rearanging. I have one place under the bench that I use for the towels and sheets but makes better sense to put the pots and pans in it. or under the dinette bench. Going to think on that one.

Thanks for the ideas
[PU] [TV] :)


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Apr 15, 2010
Unstable_Tripod said:
All food and cookware stays in the TV.


Since I don't cook in the PUC, I use the TV as a "kitchen" -- stackable drawers for utensils, and another set for food staples, spices, etc. Cold food goes in the cooler. The two sets of drawers and the cooler just fit the width of the TV. If it's raining, the open hatch provides a little shelter. :)


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Jan 8, 2008
New Orleans
Well, since I have an Aliner there is little cloth (other than our clothes and some tiny drapes) to retain much odors, so I built a couple drawers to store my cookware.
Here are the pics:


I built this drawer between the stove and microwave to store my fryingpan, spatula, salt and pepper and silverware.


I built this pull-out under-sink drawer to store my pots, coffee pot, paper plates, pitcher, etc. I also store some food there in tupperware containers, such as grits, coffee and Splenda.

Yes, I camp in bear country, but I always dump my bacon drippings and food scraps behind the neighbors tent. I figure if a bear, skunk or whatever comes by, we will hear their screams and have some advance warning. Also, the bear will be too full after eating them to bother with us. J/K!



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Nov 3, 2012
We try to keep as much of the gear for cooking in the camper as possible. My wife disagrees! She thinks we should have a check list to take things out of house,but I would rather know I have everything ready to just pack up suitcases and cooler and go. Summer time we take off on the spur of the moment. If we are planning something different for cooking,we'll grab something from the kitchen.


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Nov 30, 2012
We cook outside so we now put the pots and pans in a tote we can easily take outside.

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Mar 19, 2012
Large cookware is kept in a drawer in the center of the U dinette. Dishes are in a drawer in the dinette bench.

TIP: I bought a large cheerfully colored tray at Big Lots I use a lot. I use it to bring things in or out. I also use it to put cleaned dishes on so they can be carried back to their resting place.

Dry goods are kept in plastic sterlite drawers. I have one drawer for breakfasts, one for lunches, and one for dinners. ALL food goes in TV at night. We don't live in bear country, but in brazen coon country.

Clothes are also kept in larger sterlite drawers. Each of us has our own drawer. If it is a short trip, we use small duffle bags and keep them on the bed.


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Jul 13, 2011
We do all our cooking outside so the pots and pans are in totes in the TV. We have a trailer we camp in most of the time so that way we can use the same cookware for both the trailer and pup. In the pup, we have the microwave and coffee maker stored under one of the dinette benches and we pull them out after we set up. Plates, glasses, and bowls are in cabinets inside the pup. Silverware and utensils are in the drawer by the sink. Seems to work well for us.


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Jan 14, 2013
We used to (before we got our new PUP) store all our pots and pans and dishes in the ice box. Our new PUP has a fridge, so they are kept in a cupboard and the dishes are stored in a small rubbermaid tote. Then the dishes are taken out and put in the flip over galley when camping.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Most of our food related supplies are in the TV, we mostly cook outside. If we want to cook inside, due to weather, we just carry what we need inside as we carry them to the picnic table. The skillet we have (stir-fry w/veggies has become a staple, as have cheese sandwiches) is one of the odd items we keep in a flip top tote. The rest of the Magma nesting set rides in a space in the cargo area, I made it a canvas bag with webbing handles over the winter:

Cooking pots bag by kitphantom, on Flickr
The only pot that lives in the pup is the "teakettle" (actually a stainless coffee percolator), it travels in a plastic box in the dinette storage space and is on the stove in camp.


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Jan 14, 2013
Kitphantom nice bag! It's so funny how we can come up with these little projects over the winter just dreaming of the day we can camp again . Somehow it helps ease the pain of a long winter and connects us to the season we all long for!!!!


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Aug 18, 2012
Jimbow said:
We cook outside so we now put the pots and pans in a tote we can easily take outside.

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We do this as well. We have items dedicated to the PUP but usually they need a better cleaning than I can do at a campground. So the tote helps when camping and then bringing everything in to clean well and the straight back into the tote and out to the PUP. AND helps us not forget plates, or bowls, or coffee pot, well you get the idea. About the only thing we cook in the PUP is coffee.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Yes, the canvas bag was one of the off-season projects that keeps camping season in mind. If was, however, also a necessity. Last year was the first with the Magma set, after the previous nesting set became worn enough we did not want to eat the food after it was cooked in the non-stick pots; we chose not-non-stick for the Magma. We coped last year with the box the Magma arrived in, reinforced with tape, but it was clunky at best. The set is great, should last us the rest of our camping life, but at 13# it needed a hefty carry case.

@aabc Because the food boxes, including the kitchen box, are stored in the house between trips, it is easy to run everything through the dishwasher and replace it into the boxes. I do the same with the few things that are assigned to the pup. The camping and house dishes and cookware are distinct, except for a couple of items, so it is not problem to know something needs to be put away into the camping gear.


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Aug 11, 2009
Palm Bay, FL
I was fortunate in both our old popup and now in our TT to have lots of storage space under the bench seats. Except for 1 small pot all my cookware is cast iron. I made flannel sacks to keep them in between "adventures" and store them in the bench. I lucked out a few years ago and found electric pan, waffle iron, and crockpot all on sale for $10 each at Home Depot. Our popup got its own appliances and we never had to drag stuff back and forth from the house again. The only things I move back to the house is my camp chef stove (I use on back porch) and my round cast iron griddle, both of which I use all the time.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
That was one of the sets I considered last year, ended up choosing the Magma, partly because because it is made in the USA. It was surprising to me that it was so difficult to find good quality cookware that would nest - with all the campers and RVers, large water craft, and small homes, I would have thought it was not that odd an item. One of my friends it thinking of buying the Magma for her daughter, who just bought a house with a tiny kitchen.
Mar 25, 2013
We cook outside our pup, so our pots & pans are in a rubbermaid tote, they are protected if it rains, keeps the dirt & bugs out etc, this way they stay clean & it is easy to bring in the house to run them through the dishwasher to give them a good clean, them pack them back up in the tote for our next camping adventure [CP]


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Jun 15, 2011
Washington state

Those Magma pans are really nice. I feel kind of bad that I didn't buy USA made back in those days. I would have gone the same route as you did.