where to take 1995 Coleman for repair in Toronto, Ontario area

Leslie Patterson

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Aug 18, 2019
I made the mistake of loaning my 1995 Coleman Fleetwood Chesapeake to a friend.

they failed to put in bed supports and broke the king size end bed slider.

also the roof will no longer stay up unless i block the crank handle from moving.

I am not the least bit skilled when it comes to this type of repair and would rather leave it to a professional.

Can someone recommend a place to take trailer for these repairs in the Greater Toronto Area
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Oct 10, 2018
S Ontario
You've got a couple of problems - 1) the manufacturer of your trailer went out of business in 2011 so parts are really difficult to come by and 2) dealers generally will refuse to work on this vintage of camper as repairs can easily outstrip the value of the camper itself, which in turn results in owners simply walking away and leaving repairs unpaid. Master Canvas used to be the Fleetwood folding trailer dealer in the GTA but they closed down years ago when the owner decided to retire. As far as the roof is concerned crank it up to full height then slightly over crank the system to reset the locking pawl.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I wish you luck. All the shops near me refuse to work on my Fleetwood popup unless it's NOT something coleman/Fleetwood specific. So I found many repairs land on me to figure out myself. Maybe you may have better luck.