Winnebago Man Passes Away


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Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
Jack Rebney, the foul-mouthed RV pitchman who became one of the internet's first viral personalities and was profiled in the 2009 documentary Winnebago Man, died May 10 at the age of 93. In 1988, Rebney, a former broadcast journalist, couldn't contain his anger while filming a commercial for Winnebago recreational vehicles. His profanity-laced eruptions frustrated the crew to such a degree that they compiled the commercial's most vitriolic outtakes and started circulating them via VHS tapes. The footage eventually migrated online, amassing millions of views and a rabid fan base. Director Ben Steinbauer's earnest and affecting Winnebago Man finds a reclusive Rebney reckoning with his viral fame.




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Oct 6, 2012
Sorry to hear he passed. I had never seen this before, but I think there’s a strong likelihood he is my biological father.