Yak wash...

Susan Premo

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Nov 5, 2020
Really, who would buy kayaks that color.
Ours are sort of a bright orange, they were a very good deal. You should see our tent, and the last tent before that one! We were across on another hill pretty good distance away and were looking through our binoculars and I said, what's that orange thing? Were both like it's our tent! That one, the zipper broke, so now we have a big yellow monstrosity!! You never know when you might need a tent.


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
That’s a first for me. unless they forgot the yaks were on top. Then again I don’t see how because they always overhang in front. I’ve seen people with yaks at those self service car wash where they use the wand to clean everything. That makes since because not everyone has garden hoses at home. It is after all strongly suggested to clean your Boat if you go to different waters. They just took the easy easy way out.